About Class of 2013

We are, and always have been, and forever will be, Livonia Stevenson Spartans. We are the Class of 2013, and always will be the Class of 2013. During our high school years at Stevenson, we have taken great strides to achieve feats we never would have imagined we would accomplish when we walked into the hallowed halls for the first time.

During our freshman year, we received a taste of what our high school years would bring to us. We attended our Freshman Dance, our first Homecoming, our first football games, and we couldn't have been more floored of the opportunities that awaited us. We had the chance to try out for sports, to get involved in clubs and organizations, and to learn about the real world. Some of us may remember the 2010 Mock Crash organized by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), the performances of But Why Bump Off Barnaby and The Music Man, as well as auditions for the annual pantomime show and Spartan Idol.

As the years have passed, we have all grown and matured. We ran for government positions in our class, increased our involvement in clubs and organizations, and even won the Spartan Cup during our junior year. And then came senior year; the most memorable year of our lives. The conception and design of our Toy Story Homecoming float was phenomenal, and our senior prom at Laurel Manor was one that would be remembered for years to come. But nothing could compare to how we felt when we walked across the stage at graduation to receive our high school diplomas at Compuware Arena; this was our moment to celebrate a great milestone that the Class of 2013 had achieved together.

Although we all have different plans for the future, the Livonia Stevenson: Class of 2013 alumni website is meant to commemorate the memories we made together and to showcase our accomplishments during our time in high school. If there are any revisions to the website that could be made or ideas to be contributed to make it better, please feel free to voice your opinions.

We are the Livonia Stevenson Class of 2013.

Written by Jacob Haffey.