We want to thank our contributors and the 3 Class of 2013 Members who designed and helped out on ideas for the Stevenson Class of 2013 website. The students who helped out are from Class of 2013. We also want to give a big shout-out to the 2 Livonia Stevenson Teachers/Staff for providing and emailing the Spirit Week Flyers from 2009-2013: Mrs. Julie Harb, and Mr. Craig Barker. Mr. Craig Barker was the Class of 2013 Coordinator and we want to Thank him for all of his very hard work. Thanks to the Class of 2012, Class of 2011, and Class of 2010, and Class of 2009, for seeing the sneak peek, while the website was under construction.

Creator of the Livonia Stevenson: Class of 2013 alumni website/Manager: Hiran Alles

Hiran Alles: Creator of the website

Site Contributors/Assistant Manager (Left to Right): Kevin Camilleri, Jacob Haffey, and 2 Teachers Craig Barker (Not Pictured) and Our Student Activities Director/Teacher: Julie Harb (Not Pictured)

Kevin Camilleri: Site Contributor/Assistant Jacob Haffey: Site Contributor